Monday, February 14, 2022

Special Feature: Different Types of Love, Selected Haiku for Valentine's Day

                                                                                                Valentine's night out
                                                                                                with eyes closed, I am open
                                                                                                 to a stranger's touch
                                                                                                 Chen-ou Liu
My Dear Readers:

Today is Valentine's Day, typically a day of chocolate, flowers, and "all things love," promoted by the advertising industry that constantly bombards consumers/us with  a single, focused message: to stop the boring relationship routines and make special accommodation to make the "ones we love a priority for a few hours."

The following selected haiku are intended to explore many/different kinds of love that cover a gamut of emotions — delight, wonder, envy, longing, regret, frustration, loneliness, disappointment, grief, ...

Selected Haiku:

her only nipple 
begins to harden 
a new year

Edge of Light, 2003

vincent tripi 

valentine’s day --
a glimpse of the shop girl’s
red bra strap

where the wind turns, 2009

Paul Hodder

beads of sweat
between my wife's breasts
yet this impulse ...

NeverEnding Story, January 14, 2020

Chen-ou Liu

leaving my loneliness     inside her

micro haiku: three to nine syllables, 2014

George Swede

in the waves
no trace, where I swam
with a woman

Love Haiku, 2015

Seisha Yumaguchi

midnight subway 
watching her apply lipstick 
he licks his lips 

Edge of Light, 2003

Brenda J. Gannam 

drifting snow . . . 
lips of the newborn 
suckle in sleep 

Tug of the Current, 2004

Kristen Deming

the bartender
bends to her story
winter night

where the wind turns, 2009

Glenn G. Coats

this winter night 
you inside 
all of my curves 

Inside the Mirror, 2005

Karina Young

To conclude Today's Valentine's Day Special Feature, I would like to share with you the following two  poems, one haiku sequence about sensually intimate couple activities to deepen one's connection/communication with one's beloved one, and one haiku about "love" like the weather.

After Dusk

the firefly
is fueling

however small
light lovers

our bodies
to light

Listen to Light, 1980

Raymond Roseliep

a clipper zipping 
through the eastern Prairies ...
she says, I'm not into you

Chen-ou Liu 

FYI: An Alberta clipper, also known as an Alberta low, Alberta cyclone, Alberta lee cyclone, Canadian clipper, or simply clipper, is a fast-moving, quick-changing low-pressure system that originates in or near the Canadian province of Alberta

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