Monday, April 11, 2022

A Room of My Own: Snowbanks between Neighbours Tanka

Three Hundred and Thirtieth Entry,  Coronavirus Poetry Diary

snowflake on snowflake
on snowbanks between neighbours
how fleeting 
and how endless
a lockdown day can feel

Added: Three Hundred and Thirty-First Entry

ten years later
we meet by chance on a bus
this omicron winter
there are no more masks left
for us to hide behind

AddedThree Hundred and Thirty-Second Entry

spring blizzard
in the world of one color
sound of covid cough

FYI: A covid cough sounds like someone's hacking up a lung. It carries a consistent, rough tone because it doesn't contain mucus. For more, listen to Carleton University's Ingenious Talks: Detecting COVID-19 Through Cough Sounds 

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