Thursday, August 4, 2022

Butterfly Dream: Heat Lightning Haiku by Michael McClintock

English Original

heat lightning --
all the way into Mexico
the mountains rise

The Heron's Nest, 2:5, may 2000

Michael McClintock

Chinese Translation (Traditional)
熱閃電 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

热闪电 --

Bio Sketch

Michael McClintock's lifework in haiku, tanka, and related literature spans over four decades. His many contributions to the field include six years as president of the Tanka Society of America (2004-2010) and contributing editor, essayist, and poet for dozens of journals, anthologies, landmark collections and critical studies. McClintock now lives in Clovis, California, where he works as an independent scholar, consultant for public libraries, and poet. Meals at Midnight [tanka], Sketches from the San Joaquin [haiku] and Streetlights: Poetry of Urban Life in Modern English Tanka, are some of his recent titles.

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  1. At night, flashes of light transform a landscape temporarily. Each time the lightning strikes, this mountain moves again towards Mexico. Without the word Mexico the mountains would still rise, yet with the addition, the poet gives the mountains a direction in which to move, and this extends the movement ....-- excerpted from “Thoughts on Juxtaposition,” Carmen Sterba, The Haiku Foundation Digital Library, accessed at