Monday, October 10, 2022

Special Feature: Haiku and Tanka Selected for Canadian Thanksgiving

My Dear Friends:

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada (occurring on the second Monday in October and six weeks earlier than Thanksgiving Day in the USA)

Share with you a set of haiku and tanka about mixed emotions of this Thanksgiving long weekend.

thanksgiving --
overflowing with children
of children

Susan Murata

a colleague wishes me
Thanksgiving cheer --
but I have
a desk full of dark
anniversaries unspoken

M. Kei

Thanksgiving drive
after the bustle
quiet fields, deep shadows

Harriet S. Bates 

our latest argument
to eat in or out
the blue shrouded mountains
hold the sunset so easily

Thomas Martin

thanksgiving leftovers
all the things we
didn’t say

Sondra Byrnes

To conclude today's Special Feature post, I would like to share with you the following Thanksgiving tanka written in an understated tone:

first frost alert
this Thanksgiving morning
I heat the tea kettle 
and wait for its whistle

FYI: For more about understatement, see "To the Lighthouse: A Rhetorical Device, Understatement"

And the following tanka I wrote last year could be read as a sequel:

to reheat leftovers ...
the memories
we didn't share but bury inside
on Thanksgiving night

Happy Thanksgiving


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