Sunday, September 24, 2023

A Room of My Own: Inside Buckingham Tanka

inside Buckingham
nine men and women with arms linked
wear black T-shirts
with single, yellow letters 
declaring, Not My King

FYI: This tanka is a sequel to the concluding tanka below of my tanka sequence,The Coronation 

TamponGate Prince
one of Britain's richest men 
now crowned with praise
around the Palace's dark corner
open secrets of family feud

And this civic protest was the "first-ever" one inside Buckingham Palace. For more, CNN, September 23: "Anti-monarchy campaigners stage protest inside Buckingham Palace"

The protest is the latest in a series of actions aimed at pushing forward the debate about the future of the monarchy,” Republic, Britain’s largest anti-monarchist group,  said in a statement.

The group said six of the activists involved were briefly detained by security, before being escorted out of the front gate.

Added: Re-Homing in the Maple Land, XIII

white-hot anger
on another rent hike ...
in this rooming house 
the diary is a place of my own
where I can live freely


these years of longing
for something 
I can't articulate ...
one stretch of books
on top of another

AddedRe-Homing in the Maple Land, XIV

this leafy path
once our lovers' lane
in dappled shade
a pair of white doves flying
over Private Property

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