Thursday, January 11, 2024

Poetic Musings: Ocean Fog Haiku by Marian Olson

ocean fog --
in a patch of blue
an island drifts by

Sketches of Mexico, 2012

Marian Olson

Commentary: In this cinematic haiku, L1 functions like an establishing shot, an extreme wide shot used to set up the context for the scene ahead (Ls 2&3) that informs the audience where the action will be taking place.

And Ls 2&3 act like a pan shot, a ["slow," in the case of this haiku as indicated in the concluding words, "drifts by"] horizontal camera movement where the camera pivots left or right while its base remains in a fixed location.

This is a visually and emotionally evocative imagist haiku not in or for the moment, but for a state of mind or mood.

FYI: For more about cinematic haiku, see "To the Lighthouse" post, Arranged Marriage of Haiku and Cinema and "Dark Wings of the Night" post, Sergei Eisenstein's View of Haiku as Montage Phrases/Shot Lists

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