Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cool Announcement: A Freebie, the unseen arc by Kala Ramesh

My Dear Readers:

NeverEnding Story contributor, Kala Ramesh, had a free ebook out: the unseen arc, winner of The Snapshot Press Book Awards. Her collection of winning tanka is visually and emotionally arresting, and oftentimes thought-provoking. The following are the tanka selected for your reading pleasure.

Selected Tanka:

the night
all to myself
I imagine
the unseen arc
of the crescent moon

a sudden spurt
of warm feeling ...
              my blood 
        from a womb 
I knew nothing about

mother laments
being old and bent
I see her
as a curved branch
laden with fruit    

I stand before god
my slippers
outside the temple gate
along with my ego

Happy Reading


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