Saturday, July 5, 2014

Politics/Poetics of Re-Homing, XXXIV

using few words
I carve the long face
of my critic
with bleeding eyes...
this Good Friday night

Atlas Poetica, 15, July 2013


1 This tanka is written in the style of Onihishigitei ("demon-quelling force"), which is characterized by its “strong or even vulgar diction.” (Brower, p. 406).  This style refers to poems whose “imagery or treatment conveys an impression of violence. Such poems are found in particular in Book XVI of Man’yoshū." (Brower and Miner, p. 247). For more information, see "To the Lighthouse: Onihishigitei, Style of Demon-Quelling Force" .

2 You can read its preceding tanka or the whole sequence here.

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