Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Butterfly Dream: Srebrenica Fields Haiku by Damir Janjalija

English Original

In memory of Srebrenica Victims

spring blossoms ...
Srebrenica fields silent
with the sky

Damir Janjalija, Freedom in the Mist, 2013

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


春暖花開 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)


春暖花开 ...

Bio Sketch

Damir Janjalija, aka Damir Damir, was born in 1977 in Kotor, Montenegro. He is a sailor, a wanderer, and a poet who wakes up every morning to a different now. He published two collections of haiku: Imprints of dreams and Freedom in the mist. His poems have been included in several international journals and anthologies.

1 comment:

  1. This haiku with poignantly sharp contrasts speaks volumes to readers and for Srebrenica victims.

    It is a sociopolitically conscious example of "Haiku Not Just the Art of 'Singing about Flowers and Birds'" -- with a few words and concrete imagery, it can successfully break the political taboo and expose the national shame

    It reminds me of the following comment by Salman Rushdie:

    One of the things a writer is for is to say the unsayable, speak the unspeakable and ask difficult questions.

    Note: For more info., see "To the Lighthouse: Haiku Is Not Just the Art of 'Singing about Flowers an Birds,''" http://neverendingstoryhaikutanka.blogspot.ca/2013/03/to-lighthouse-haiku-is-not-just-art-of.html