Monday, October 26, 2015

A Room of My Room: Frog Haiku

reciting haiku ...
the rippling surface
of an old pond


1 For more information about Basho's frog haiku, see
a) Poetic Musings: Generic Analysis of Basho’s Frog Haiku (written from the perspective of kigo, "season word," and first published in Magnapoets, 7,January 2011) and
b) To the Lighthouse: Cutting through Time and Space (written from the perspective of  kire, "cutting")

2 Below are some of the frog haiku I've written over four years in response to Basho's frog haiku or to the comments on Basho's frog haiku:

moonlit pond ...
the sound of water brings
news of a dead frog
(for Onishi Yasuyo)

Honourable Mention (Shintai), World Haiku Review, March 2013

lotus pond ...
all that remains
of  frog song

NeverEnding Story, April 18, 2013

frog pond ...
the weight of a shadow
on the lotus leaf

PoemHunter, Feb. 1, 2013

rippling pond ...
what's left
of his words

The Heron's Nest, 16:4, December 2012

starry pond
the pulsing throat
of a frog

Editor's Choice Haiku, Pond Life Thread of Sketchbook, 7:2, March/April 2012

moonlit pond...
a frog jumps
from star to star

Haiku Pix review, 4, Fall 2011

moonlit pond...
a frog penetrates

Simply Haiku, 9:2, Summer 2011

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