Saturday, February 3, 2018

Butterfly Dream: Winter Stars Haiku by Roberta Beary

English Original

born this way …
the orientation
of winter stars

Acorn, 35, Fall 2015

Roberta Beary

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

一出生就是這樣 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Roberta Beary is the haibun editor at Modern Haiku. Her bestselling collection The Unworn Necklace (Snapshot Press) won a Poetry Society of America finalist award. Her haibun collection Deflection (Accents Publishing) won the Eric Hoffer and Touchstone finalist awards. Follow her on twitter @shortpoemz.


  1. The unexpected yet visually and emotionally evocative last line, the majestic display of stars in the night sky, sparks the reader's further reflection on the nature versus nurture debate.

    When did human beings become fascinated with stars? And what did they hope for as they stared at the majestic display night after night after night? Over the course of our two hundred thousand years of existence we have learned marvelous things certainly. But even with all our precious knowledge of stars and galaxies the same stunned astonishment returns whenever we contemplate their radiant presence...

    -- Forward, "Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to Journey of the Universe"

  2. Many thanks for honoring my haiku! Color me grateful!!