Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Cool Announcement: A Freebie, Rubber-Ball Days

My Dear Friends:

I'm happy to share with you this exciting news: NeverEnding Story contributor, Dave Read, published a  collection of tanka, titled Rubber-Ball Days: A Chapbook of Lockdown Tanka, and shared his fine work as a free download available at his blog, Dave Read Poetry.

Selected Tanka:

a cool breeze
pushes its way
through my window —
the chill
of self-isolation

the pantry’s stuffed
with food
for weeks
we nibble
a side of hope

trying to help
flatten the curve
I cinch in
my belt
one more notch

remaining inside
for self-isolation
we infect
each other’s

he asks me
when the pandemic
will end —
I study the slope
of his shoulders

his workplace
a new round of layoffs —
he muffles his thoughts
with a mask

bouncing inside
our rubber-ball days
the deafening
of boredom

sandcastles line
the now open beach —
we await
the next wave
of the virus

And yesterday marked the end of the second month of the WHO pandemic announcement, share with you the selected entries of my Coronavirus Poetry Diary, Second Month:

Opening Up America Again
the size of this billboard
seen from my attic window

for weeks in an attic
of shadows ...
I open the window
to morning birdsong

balcony concert
my dog and I sing along
to LeanOnMe

a tired nurse
opens the bedside window
my friend's voice
flows in with the night breeze
as his mother's eyes close

this scent
of breezy sunshine ...
Hillary Clinton
wears a black mask
with VOTE in white letters

FYI: I’ve got the must-have accessory for spring. I’m wearing a mask (and voting!) for my country, my community, and my grandchildren. -- Hillary Clinton, The Hill, May 2

lockdown lifted
still no handshake, no hugno kiss
fading into the dark

brown spots
in the front lawn
spring rain
tapping on the window
and my quarantined mind


for Søren Kierkegaard who called his melancholy “the most faithful mistress I have known."

death toll rising...
in illness and in fear
with my drunken shadow
apart together

quarantined for weeks
with my drunken shadow
in the attic
I tanka-barricade the door
to my mistress's chamber

in dim light
my quarantined mind races
back and forth
between the old and new normal:
this world of masked faces

Happy Reading


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