Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Room of My Own: Alienation

At daybreak, I wake up from a recurring dream: I ride the Mongolian horse through snowy fields deeper into the unknown world of one color.

a bowl of congee
next to a cup of coffee...
exile and after

Can I find out now what A thought of me? Why did L stand before I, blocking the sky on Canada Day? And what did E want to be added to? At last…will my being mean anything for N or for the rest of the word?

Diogen, September 2012


  1. "At last…
    will my being mean anything for N
    or for the rest of the word?"
    do not worry
    about the rest of the world -
    enjoy it NOW

    a fellow expat,
    from Germany to Japan and on and on . . .

  2. Dear Gabi:

    Many thanks for your heartwarming, spirit-lifting "enjoy it now" haiku.

    Below is my response haiku for you:

    winter sunlight...
    scribbling "Enjoy the Now"
    on a piece of paper

    By the way, The City of Toronto has issued an extreme cold weather alert as a deep freeze takes hold that is expected to last at least a few days. And your thoughtful comment helped me to see the sunlight.

    Many thanks.