Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cool Announcement: New Year Haiku and Tanka Feast

My Dear Readers/Fellow Poets:

Today is the first Sunday of 2014. Share with you my favorite dishes from the New Year haiku/tanka feast prepared by DIOGEN pro culture magazine (whose new year anthology is a free Serbian-English ebook, in PDF format)

the new year
begins with sky rockets
like them
who can tell
where we will land

Beverley George

the column of sparks
from the fountain rises
on New Year's eve
how do I start this time
with an end

Angelo B. Ancheta

a fresh leaf
white in the winter
of a new year;
it seems a shame
to mar it with words

M. Kei

new year’s moon -
on the crumbling front steps
another layer of snow

Saša Važic

tick ticking
just as loud
New Year

Don Wentworth

New Year's Day
my mother refreshes
her old complaints

Robert Epstein

climbing cloud peaks
for the first time --
New Year's moon

Anatoly Kudryavitsky

One of my new year haiku is also included in the anthology:

the new year begins
with the same rising sun ...
me in the mirror

Chen-ou Liu

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  1. My 'new year' haiku is the opening verse of my following haiku set, Revelations:

    the new year begins
    with the same rising sun...
    me in the mirror

    New Year's morning dew...
    old age happened to me