Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cool Announcement: A Freebie, a wattle seedpod: haiku by Lorin Ford

My Dear Readers:

a wattle seedpod, written by NeverEnding Story contributor Lorin Ford,  is The Book of the Week on the THF website. Below is an excerpt from the Forward:

Lorin Ford explains her engagement with haiku in these revealing words:

My response to haiku, when subjected to it, was privately much closer to ‘so what?’ than ‘aha!’. Then one day, I heard this haiku read aloud:

picking up a jellyfish...
my lifeline
clear and deep

– Dhugal Lindsay
[sukuu te-no kurage-ya seimeisen fukaku, written and translated by  Dhugal]

The effect was immediate – a physical quiver of recognition. The memory of my original experience was vivid and unmediated by overt authorial presence… This was a happy accident. It made me realise that haiku are meant to be ‘seen through’ by us as readers, to our own experiences in the world.

Selected Haiku

a leaf crosses out
the I in his name

fish story
a cormorant spreads its wings
                                              w i d e r

rusted hinge
the butterfly's wings
close, open ...

low tide --
bits and pieces of her
wedding china

winter beach --
i throw a stick
for no dog

You can read the entire book here

Enjoy the read.


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