Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hot News: Butterfly Dream, Volume Two

Dear Contributors and Readers:

I am pleased to announce that Butterfly Dream: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku, Volume Two 2016 is now available online for your reading pleasure.  (Note: I'd revised some of Chinese translations. For those whose haiku are included in the anthology, each  will receive a copy of its e-book edition within three days)

Inspiration for haiku comes from the seasons, reading, conversations, or other experiences. But don't write about your emotions. Instead, write about what caused your emotions. That makes all the difference.

-- Michael Dylan Welch

The following poem is chosen  as the best haiku of the year


Michael Dylan Welch

Three haiku of Michael's own choice are featured in the anthology.

Please post this good news to all appropriate venues. Your time and help would be greatly appreciated. And many thanks for your continued support of my project.

Look forward to reading your haiku (see "2016 Butterfly Dream: Call for Haiku Submissions " Deadline: December 16, 2016)

A haiku is an imaginative lotus pond with the real frog in it.


Selected Haiku

(r)egret along the riverbank acid rain

Marianne Paul

frog on lily-pad
frog on lily-pad

Ed Baker

all day winter rain...
scenes from the passing year
reflected in the pane

Rebecca Drouilhet

summer sale
adjusting her bra
in the shop window

Ignatius Fay

face to face
with the wailing wall . . .
an empty bench

Rita Odeh

northern lights
just beyond the reach
of my walking stick


morning mist
how thin the veil
between here and gone

Munira Judith Avinger

full moon --
darkness flickers at each turn
of the prayer wheel

Sonam Chhoki

on the tundra
caging a winter sky
caribou bones

Debbie Strange

moonbow ...
in a grain of wheat
a farmer’s song

Sandip Chauhan

Deep into winter
writing poems I can share
with no one 

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

Independence Day --
I let him touch
a little bit of me

Fay Aoyagi

from a lifted oar
a shimmer connects the sky
and sunlit river

Beverley George

the flutter
of a butterfly --
her first ballet

Karen O’Leary

damp morning
a gray yard
before the robin

Marion Clarke

Fukushima --
a kingfisher catches
stained moonbeams

Judit Katalin Hollos

bus stop
a plastic bag jellyfishing
in the breeze

Ben Moeller-Gaa

It could be nothing
it could be something
winter darkness

Peggy Heinrich

bare branch
the shape of everything
but the bird

S.M. Abeles

spring skies
even the crow's caw
full of light

Kris Lindbeck

moss-covered rocks ...
mother never talks about
the one that died

Irene Golas

one after the other
three crows become one
with the fog

Larry Kimmel

acres of darkness
outside, inside
then a firefly

Angelee Deodhar

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