Saturday, August 12, 2017

Butterfly Dream: Country Road Haiku by Ben Moeller-Gaa

English Original

the singer’s mandolin --
each and every curve
of this country road

Modern Haiku, 47:2, 2016

Ben Moeller-Gaa

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

歌手的曼陀林 --
Chinese Translation (Simplified)

歌手的曼陀林 --

Bio Sketch

Ben Moeller-Gaa is the author of two haiku chapbooks, Wasp Shadows (Folded Word 2014) and Blowing on a Hot Soup Spoon (poor metaphor design 2014). You can find more on Ben online at

1 comment:

  1. The contrast between the shape of a "mandolin and each and every curve/of this country road" is visually and emotionally effective, and on a second reading, Ls 2&3 take on metaphoric significance.