Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A Room of My Own: The most famous person in the world by far

One Hundred Twenty-Fourth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

"'Oh, no, I'm not. I'm the second,' I said. Then my guest leaned toward me and asked, 'Who's more famous?' I replied, (the President pauses for a moment, and a silence reigns over the amphitheater), 'Jesus Christ.'" 

In the North Carolina sunshine, this almost-totally barefaced crowd roars its approval as the President claps his hands, smiling.

piles of Jesus Saves
and Donald Trump Four More Years ...
new surge of cases

FYI: The Hill, October 15: Trump says only Jesus Christ more famous than him


a crescent moon
on the Chicago River ...
in blazing blue letters
over Trump on the Tower 

FYI: In 2014, the Trump Tower installed a huge "Trump" sign on its building that is located in the middle of a touristy attraction along the Chicago River.


for Kamala Harris 

a black woman
dances in a Florida downpour ...
rain or shine
democracy waits
for no one

FYI: The Indian Express, Oct. 20: Kamala Harris dances in the rain, Twitterati can’t have enough of it

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