Sunday, March 7, 2021

A Room of My Own: We're All In This Together Visual Haiku

One Hundred Eighty-Fifth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary


Added: One Hundred Eighty-Sixth Entry

bathed in sunlight
an eagle lies motionless
against the sky --
this quarantine life
and yet ... 


  1. Here is another version of "We're all in this together:"

    "We’re All in This Together"

    For those Team Members who are thinking of calling in sick due to “the virus”: I have you scheduled for a reason. Therefore, I expect you to show up ...

    Before I finish reading this notice posted on the glass door to the main office, I feel the chill from my manager’s sidelong look.

    gathering darkness
    Team Members marked
    with a red X

    Chen-ou Liu

    1. The following is an elitist version of "We're all in this together:"

      One Hundred Sixty-Eighth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

      WE ARE ALL
      inthistogether --
      one by one
      politicians like red bats
      fly south in winter darkness

      NeverEnding Story, January 5 2021