Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Butterfly Dream: Winter Moon Haiku by Shirley Johnson

English Original

beyond mountains
more mountains --
winter moon
Second Prize, 2019 Morioka Haiku Contest

Shirley Johnson 

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

更多的山脈 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

更多的山脉 --
Bio Sketch

Shirley Johnson is a retired Canadian middle school teacher, who loved teaching haiku. She would keep the lessons in a special folder, saved for the days the school inspectors dropped by. Her other passions include calligraphy, book-making, travel and jazz. 

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  1. This poem’s repeated “m” and “n” sounds give the image a lyrical compactness. We can picture the poet at the top of a mountain ridge, reveling in the moonlit scenery beyond his or her vantage point-- excerpted from the judge's/Michael Dylan Welch's commentary.