Sunday, May 9, 2021

Special Feature: Selected Poems about the Different Faces of Motherhood

                                                                                       sunlight flooding 
                                                                                       through her kitchen window ...
                                                                                       childless quiet

                                                                                       Chen-ou Liu

                                                                                       child  wife  mother
                                                                                       I’ve been many things
                                                                                       poet   teacher
                                                                                       one who sits all afternoon
                                                                                       gum leaves filtering the light

                                                                                       Kathy Kituai

If we are to understand child development and believe that the early years are important in a child's life, then it seems critical to examine our beliefs about mothers ... 

-- The Different Faces of Motherhood,  edited by Beverly Birns and Dale Hay

My Dear Readers:

In celebration of Mother's Day, I would like to share with you the following poems about the different faces of motherhood:

city bus stop ...
a boy squats in the shadow
of his pregnant mother

Tomislav Maretić

the slow drip of rain
on the nursery roof
Vanessa Proctor

midnight rain
not yet used to

Pragya Vishnoi

a gesture of something
pitiful to think tenderly
that it is called a child

Fumi Saito

quaking aspens ...
we have inherited
mother's hands

Debbie Stranger

mother’s blanket
the worn corners
of warmth

Rachel Sutcliffe

mother gave me
her petit point purse
years ago
it began coming apart
like the two of us

Kathryn J. Stevens

wind-shuffled blossoms ...
my mother's photo album
full of strangers

Jacquie Pearce 

mother’s voice
falters more each time
I phone her --
1000 kilometres between, 
this pretence, it’s the distance

Marilyn Humbert

i cannot separate 
my feelings of love 
from hate 
mother on the horizon 
in her flowing white gown

Pamela A. Babusci

streets shrouded
in foggy darkness
a wall of moms
between lines of riot police
and BLM protesters (FYI: BLM stands for Black Lives Matter)

Chen-ou Liu

sunlight flickers
through lattice
our mother smiles
over uneven cake slices
still dividing and ruling

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

a heart-to-heart
with my mother
for the first time 
the gibbous moon
waxing ... or waning

Elisa Theriana

my mother sings
as she brushes her hair
of fine silver …
lament for the girl
missing from the mirror

Gavin Austin

my mother
forgets morning glory ...
sitting by the window
she grows the flower
in her heart

Ikuyo Yoshimura

Mother’s Day ...
deep blue muscari
by the window
bending with the breeze
like mother

Mary Gunn

Happy Reading


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