Monday, October 11, 2021

Special Feature: Canadian Thanksgiving Haiku/Tanka

My Dear Friends:

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada (occurring on the second Monday in October and six weeks earlier than Thanksgiving Day in the USA)

Share with you a set of selected Thanksgiving haiku/tanka:

a slight edge
to the migrant's voice
Happy Thanksgiving

Chen-ou Liu

a colleague wishes me
Thanksgiving cheer --
but I have
a desk full of dark
anniversaries unspoken

M. Kei

Thanksgiving drive
after the bustle
quiet fields, deep shadows

Harriet S. Bates 

our latest argument
to eat in or out
the blue shrouded mountains
hold the sunset so easily

Thomas Martin

thanksgiving leftovers
all the things we
didn’t say

Sondra Byrnes

To conclude today's Thanksgiving post, I share with you the following (ironic/comic) pandemic Thanksgiving haiku, which is written in response to the advice from Canada's chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam: hosting small gatherings and being mindful of people’s vaccination status.

Two Hundred and Seventy-Second Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

Thanksgiving buffet
dining tables six feet apart 
under the same roof

Wishing You and Yours a Safe and Joyful Thanksgiving

And Happy Reading


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