Friday, June 24, 2022

Cool Announcement: Frameless Sky, Issue 16, Dedicated to the People of Ukraine

                                                                                               The Last Day

                                                                                               twilight chill ...
                                                                                               fireballs on the glass surface
                                                                                               of a skyscraper

                                                                                               old couple's cellar 
                                                                                               beyond the window a world
                                                                                               of smoke and bodies

                                                                                               what ifs ...
                                                                                               under a darkening sky
                                                                                               road to the border

                                                                                               Chen-ou Liu

My Dear Friends:

Today marks the 4-month long Russian invasion of Ukraine. The latest issue, No 16, of Frameless Sky was published yesterday and dedicated to the People of Ukraine. Eighty percent of the proceeds from the DVD and online viewing sale will be donated to Save the Children.

This issue, edited by NeverEnding Story contributor, Christine L.Villa, published a total of 100 plus poems from over 85 poets. Here is its multi-media sneak preview  posted on YouTube and the following are haiku and tanka selected for your reading reading.

Selected Haiku and Tanka:

a dialogue
between nations
cannon fires

Teji Sethi

slabs of cement
a Ukrainian village
heavy with silence

Barrie Levine

we step into it again
the same river

Julie Schwerin 

a shuffle of cards
during a game of Durak
soldiers plotting rape

Anna Cates

newborn's first lullaby glass-shattering gunshots

Daya Bhat

crossing borders teddy bears

Roberta Beach Jacobson

the line 
that divides us
this time
how many lives
will it take

Michelle Brock

To conclude today's post, I would like to share with you my poems below, which are included in this issue:

smoky haze
in his battledress breast pocket
a baby photo

shards of glass
on the living room floor
the pianist 
plays Chopin one last time
before fleeing her Kyiv home


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