Monday, August 8, 2022

Cool Announcement: A Freebie, Winter Deepens by Margaret Chula

My Dear Readers:

NeverEnding Story contributor, Margaret Chula, had a free ebook out: Winter Deepens,  winner of The Snapshot Press Book Awards. Her collection of (mostly) tanka and haiku is visually evocative and emotionally poignant. The following are the tanka and haiku selected for your reading pleasure.

Selected Haiku and Tanka:

cubes of tofu
float in my miso soup
winter deepens

Mother’s dementia
moonlight shines through
a crack in the blinds

sudden stroke
her life taking a turn
still hanging
on the bathroom peg
her pastel nightgown

one more time
I help Mother
write her obituary
wisps of fog
shroud the maples

winter sunset
smoky clouds linger
in the darkening sky
today is the day
they turn you to ashes

cleaning out
Mother’s lingerie drawer
the tears in her stockings
sewn up so tightly --
all my unanswered questions

those half-used tubes
of her cosmetics
why did I keep them?
rubbing in face cream
I feel my mother’s bones

Happy Reading


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