Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Special Feature: Selected Poems for Independence Day of Ukraine

Dear Friends and Readers:

Ukraine is on life support, Russian troops are taking massive casualties, and the rest of the world is saddled with severe food shortages, spiraling inflation, the risk of a nuclear disaster and other hardships fueled by a savage war that shows no sign of soon ending... (USA Tosay, August 23: "Six months into the Russia-Ukraine war, the entire world is losing. A look at where we go from here")

smoky haze
in his battledress breast pocket
a baby photo

Frameless Sky, 16, 2022

Chen-ou Liu

what ifs ...
under a darkening sky
road to the border

NeverEnding Story, June 24 2022

Chen-ou Liu

we step into it again
the same river

Frameless Sky, 16, 2022

Julie Schwerin

the line 
that divides us
this time
how many lives
will it take

Frameless Sky, 16, 2022

Michelle Brock 

For more poems about Russia's war in Ukraine, see Cool Announcement: Frameless Sky, Issue 16, Dedicated to the People of UkraineEighty percent of the proceeds from the DVD and online viewing sale will be donated to Save the Children)

Today is the 31st anniversary of Ukraine's Independence as the Russian invasion hits the six-month mark. I would like to share with you the following haiku written in response to Al Jazeera, August 23: "Kyiv bans Independence Day celebrations, citing the threat of renewed Russian attacks."

sunflower wall tapestry ...
the faraway look
in a Ukrainian girl's eyes

FYI: The sunflower is Ukraine's national flower. And NBC News, August 24: Zelenskyy hails a 'reborn' Ukraine on its Independence Day six months after Russia invaded

On Feb. 24, we were told: You have no chance. On Aug. 24, we say: Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Chen-ou Liu 

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