Saturday, December 24, 2022

Special Feature: Selected Haiku for Christmas Holidays

                                                                                                     the tail of a plane 
                                                                                                     behind the wall of snow ...
                                                                                                     Christmas Eve

                                                                                                     Chen-ou Liu

My Dear Friends:

Bells are ringing and everyone is shouting out, It's Christmas.

I would like share with you a set of selected Christmas haiku written in different tones and moods.

almost Christmas
riding home
on father's shoulders

Rachel Sutcliffe

toll booth lit for Christmas --
from my hand to hers
warm change

Michael Dylan Welch

first snowflakes
on the puppy's nose
Christmas eve

Barbara Tate

an old man
stares into the bar mirror ...
jingle bells

Marion Alice Poirier

at Christmas
ham and family gossip

Keitha Keyes 

an old argument
the Christmas lights

Ben Gaa

ever decreasing
christmas list
snow falling

ai li

boxing day
the flapping of plastic bags
caught on a branch

Elliot Nicely 

Happy Reading


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