Monday, May 1, 2023

Cool Announcement: Celebrate Tanka Poetry Month with NeverEnding Story

My Dear Friends/Readers:

Please join NeverEnding Story to expand the readership base for tanka by tweeting at least one tanka a day throughout the month of May. The hashtags for Tanka Poetry Month are #MayTanka and #NaTankaMo.

Please help spread the word about this celebration via your poetry blogs, websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts. And NeverEnding Story seeks the tanka that can bite and bite hard. 

What [tanka] can, must, and will always do for us: it complicates us, it doesn't "soothe." --paraphrasing  Jorie Graham

The accepted tanka will be translated into Chinese and posted on NeverEnding Story and Twitter (You are welcome to follow Chen-ou on Twitter at @ericcoliu). 

on the windowsill
two canaries singing
to each other
I tweet and retweet
NeverEnding Story 😀

my blind date
asks smilingly, what's it like
to be a poet ...
just a way of living both
in my head and in my dream 😂



I stare for hours
at a blank journal page ...
it gets longer, narrower
and farther away until
it's swallowed by darkness


my penpal's blonde hair
cascades over her shoulders ...
in an accent I read
her favourite poem of mine 
she listens, open-mouthed 

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