Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Room of My Own: Songs of Comfort Tanka

Sixty-Fifth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary, for Yo-Yo Ma, renowned and beloved Taiwanese American cellist

Songs of Comfort
echoing against this wall
of ghostly shadows ...
note by note my heart reopens
to this infected world

FYI: For more about Yo-Yo Ma's Songs of Comfort, see PBS's Arts and Culture, "Yo-Yo Ma on encouraging 'Songs of Comfort' amid global crisis."

Added: Sixty-Sixth Entry

a street apart
in the morning chill
a mask-free Trump fan
and a masked Trump foe
air-quote each other

Added: Sixty-Seventh Entry

locked down
in his iron castle
she counts the days
until the vaccine is ready
or he's killed by the virus

PoemHunter, May 22 2020

Note: The sixty-seventh entry is a sequel to the twenty-first entry:

balcony workout
a side-glance at the bruises
on my neighbor's neck

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