Monday, February 17, 2014

Butterfly Dream: Winter Haiku by Lorin Ford

English Original

shades of winter --
my mother in the passage
between dreams

Frogpond, 35:3, Autumn 2012

Lorin Ford

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

冬天陰影 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

冬天阴影 --

Bio Sketch

Lorin Ford grew up between two homes, one by the beach and one in the bush. She has written ‘long’ poems but these days she focuses on haiku , both as a writer and as an editor. Her book, a wattle seedpod,(PostPressed 2008) is currently out of print but short collections of her work can be accessed at the Snapshot Press website and via her bio on the editors’ page .

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  1. Lorin's well-crafted phrase, 'in the passage/between dreams' (not the cliched phrase, in the dream), combined with the visually and tonally evocative context-setting line, makes this haiku psychologically effective.