Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Room of My Own: April Fools' Day

Eighteenth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary: "Laughing" in the Face of Adversity
written in response to Pandemic could lead to home-cooking revival

the news host
almost yells, flattening the curve...
head down, I look
at my pot belly
and take one bite of cake

for another two weeks...
grocery run
for a brand new copy
of Home Cooking for Dummies

Note: Below is the seventeenth entry posted on April Fools' Day written in response to the March 29 tweet, "President Trump is a ratings hit." posted by CovidiotInChief, Donald Trump

We're doing great ...
goose-stepping Covidiots
OutTrump one another 

PoemHunter, April 1 2020

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