Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Room of My Own: Viral Demons Tanka

Ninety-Seventh Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

by viral demons for weeks
my old friend
paints the walls black
and covers the windows

FYI:  More people calling mental health help line as pandemic drags on: callers dealing with anxiety, family stress, problems with drugs and alcohol (CBC News, July 28)

Added: Ninety-Eighth Entry:

meteor shower
peaking on this night
of the outbreak --
across my skylight
a glimmer of hope

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  1. Please give me feedback on these poems:
    Nasal swab uptown
    COVID took my appetite
    Packed onto the bus
    Gratitude, love, joy and pain
    Take the bitter with the sweet.
    Hazel's fiery strikes.
    Moonbeams aglow on the roof
    Wish upon a star.
    Fuzzy old yard dog
    Corgi no match for her love
    Let the trumpets play.

    I have written 135 poems, mostly from southern rural African American perspective but I am not connected to any community of poets yet. I desire to publish my work but need some feedback.

    Marilyn Simpson,