Monday, February 1, 2021

A Room of My Own: Make America Hug Again Tanka

One Hundred Seventy-Third Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

a bead of sweat
trickling down her face
the masked nurse
gives shot after shot ...
Make America Hug Again

Added: One Hundred Seventy-Fourth Entry

outbreak briefing
the doctor's new strands 
of gray hair 

Added: One Hundred Seventy-Fifth Entry

sound of ice pellets
against nursing home windows ...
new cases surge


  1. The following two tanka could be read as pre/sequels to the one hundred seventy-third entry:

    One Hundred Fifty-Fifth Entry

    the first shot
    in grandpa's arm ...
    all day long
    rubbing prayer beads
    grandma recites the Heart Sutra

    One Hundred Sixty-Third Entry

    feels a jab of pain
    in her arm ...
    grandpa whispers to her
    everything will be fine

  2. There are three other Covid19 poems about nursing home care in crisis:

    Eighty-Second Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

    the rainstorm sky
    in her grandmother's eyes
    nursing home window

    Forty-Fourth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

    a tired nurse
    opens the bedside window
    my friend's voice
    flows in with the night breeze
    as his mother's eyes close

    Fifty-Eighth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
    To Justin Trudeau who addressed the House of Commons on saving the elderly from coronavirus on April 11, saying, They fought for us all those years ago. And today we fight for them. We will show ourselves to be worthy of this magnificent country they built.

    at the briefing
    the photogenic PM's mouth
    opens and closes ...
    a nursing home silhouetted
    against the sunset sky