Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Room of My Own: The First ... The Last Tanka

Two Hundred and Seventy-Sixth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

I was the first one
but I don't want to be
the last ... 
a masked woman looks back
at the sky smoky in Kabul

Added: Two Hundred and Seventy-Seventh Entry

Orthodox graveyard 
into Covid reality

FYI: Russia marks record number of COVID-19 deaths for 5th straight day, Global News, October 23:

... Despite developing one of the world’s first vaccines against COVID-19, Russia has vaccinated only about a third of its population, one of the lowest rates in Europe...

And Russia's daily COVID deaths hit new record at 1,106, and the daily toll has hit new records in six of the past eight days. Reuters, Oct. 26

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